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A Szentágothai János Kutatóközpont a PTE korszerű, nemzetközi tudományszervezési és menedzsment normák szerint kialakított új intézménye, amely az élettudományi, élettelen természettudományi, valamint környezettudományi oktatás...



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Energy-design Research Group

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Smart City Energy – Energy design

Dr. Bálint Bachmann, associate professor
Dr. István Kistelegdi Jr., associate professor
Dr. András Reith, assistant professor
Mihály Baumann, assistant professor

Joining the EU Smart cities and communities initiative, we would like to focus our research on identifying the technological solutions needed for middle sized cities of EU’s convergence regions to efficiently reach EU climate change and carbon reduction targets. The main focus of our research:

  • Low energy consumption building, energy efficiency through refurbishing.
  • Efficiency development of city energy grids

Smart City ICT – Info-Communication Technology

Dr. Péter Iványi, associate professor
Dr. Barry Topping, professor
Dr. Frederick Magoules, professor
Dr. Géza Várady, associate professor

  • We are seeking ICT solutions for our smart city energy efficiency initiatives. Fields of research: intelligent building management, intelligent utility networks, traffic management and planning.
  • Low carbon public transport and sustainable mobility

Smart City LCA – Life-Cycle Assessment

Dr. Anita Dolgosné Kovács, associate professor
Dr. Csaba Leitol, PhD Student, researcher
Csaba Vér, PhD Student, researcher

  • Product LCA (ISO 14040-44, product footprint)
  • Process LCA (waste management option analysis, organization footprint)

Smart City EBA – Resource efficient adaptation

Dr. Tibor Kiss, senior researcher
Dr. Ágnes Lindenbach, professor
Ernő Dittrich, assistant professor
Dr. László Bajnai, assistant professor

Our research field is to enhance adaptation to climate change, and test local application of global models through integrating green infrastructure management practices into city development (water management, green space management, flood protection), climate model simulation in supercomputer environment, comparing results with empirical data.

  • Water management optimization of the headquarter of Pannon Power Zrt.
  • Qualifying analysis of the air technology ventilation elements of the Pécs Conference Centre
  • PTE Science Building 7000 m2 international research centre energy design
  • Positive energy production and office unit for RATI Ltd. at Sikonda, creation of its climate concept.

Construction, energy, ICT, utility services, sustainable production

  • Efficient city maintenance services
  • Development of ICT solutions for city management
  • LCA evaluation systems for production and organizations
  • Energy and climate concept development, complex planning and construction supervision for private and public zero and positive energy housing
  • AAS, ICP-OES, portable gas chromatograph, water quality analyzing and measuring system, measuring equipment for analysing the emission of diffuse air pollution sources, digital sieve shaker machine, emission measuring laboratory, gas analysers (SO2-CO-NOx-O3), noise technology laboratory
  • RELUX, Solar computer, Shell solar path, Meteonorm, Ecotecht, Wis, 3D studiomax, Archicad

Energy-design Research Group