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2016-2019 Visual genetics: establishment of a new discipline to visualize neuronal nuclear functions in real time in intact nervous system by 4D Raman spectroscopy, Horizon 2020, €4.27M

2017-2021 Transcribing the processes of life: Visual Genetics, H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange, €1.29M, PI

2014-2017 Midbrain dopamine systems and control of bladder function, MRC, £530,960 co-PI; (Lovick, Sik)


Past funding:

2014-2016 Functional and structural changes of brain circuitry in altered oxygen conditions, European Council, Marie Curie Fellowship, £309,000, PI

2013-2016 Novel computational neuronal oscillation to elucidate pathological brain state, Royal Society, International Exchanges NSFC (China) £12,000, PI

2012-2016 High throughput electrocardiogram recording of zebrafish embryos, British Heart Foundation, New Horizons Grant, £301,840, PI

2012-2015 Neural mechanisms of memory updating, BBSRC, £515,663, co-PI; (Lee, Sik)

2011-2015 Importance of long-range inhibitory connections in hippocampal network oscillations, MRC, £680,000, PI

2014-2015 High throughput ECG and EEG recording of zebrafish embryo, Market research; Enterprising Birmingham Fund, £13,000, PI

2012-2013 Single cell gene delivery in vivo using magnetic nanoparticles, Royal Society, £6,000, PI

2009-2013 Mechanisms of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, MRC, co-PI £650,000, co-PI; (Jefferys, Sik)

2006-2010 Facility for electron cryomicroscopy and cryo-electron tomography, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, $8,030,290, Montreal-Quebec co-application; project leader in Quebec, PIs: Bergeron, Sik and 6 others

2006-2011 Role of long range projecting inhibitory neurons in hippocampal network oscillations, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $586,120, PI 

2006-2010 Organization and function of neuronal networks in the sensory cortex, Human Frontiers Science Program, $1,755,000, PI

2004-2009 Microscopy facility maintenance grant, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $329,530, co-PI; (4 applicants)

2002-2006 Electronic coupling in the hippocampus, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $323,415,  PI

2001-2002 Different regulation of chloride homeostasis in dopaminergic and GABAergic neuron in substantia nigra, Fonds de la Recherche en sante du Québec, $15,000, PI

2001-2002 Electronic coupling in epilepsy, Savoy Foundation, $15,000, PI

2001-2003 Functions of voltage sensitive ion channels in synaptic plasticity and in neurodegeneration, Fonds de la Recherche en sante du Québec, $30,000, PI

2001-2005 Fellowship,  Fonds de la Recherche en sante du Québec, $200,000, PI

2000-2002 Cellular and molecular control of brain circuit connectivity, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, $1,860,292, co-PI (4 applicants; share: $650,000)

1997-2001 Distribution and subcellular localization of protein kinases and phosphatases, ETT  Hungary, $70,000, PI

1997-2000 Interneuronal network of the hippocampus, Hungarian National Foundation, $110,000, PI


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