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BD FACS Canto II flow cytometer

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The digital flow cytometer contains 3 lasers (violet, blue and red) and 8 fluorescent channels.

Optical system

  • Detection of 8 FL-parameters
  • Detection of forward scatter light (FSC) with photo diode
  • Direction of side scatter light (SSC) and fluorescence signal towards PMTs

Blue laser detection (488 nm)

  • 502 LP, 530/30 nm FITC, Alexa Fluor 488, CFSE
  • 556 LP, 585/42 nm PE, PI
  • 655 LP, 670 LP nm PerCP, PerCP-Cy5.5, 7AAD, PI
  • 735 LP, 780/60 nm PE-Cy7, PE-Vio780

Red laser detection (633 nm)

  • 660/20 nm APC, Cy5, Alexa Fluor 647
  • 735 LP, 780/60 nm APC-Cy7, APC-H7, APC-Vio780

Violet laser detection (405 nm)

  • 450/50 nm PacificBlue, BV421, Alexa Flour405, BV421, eF450, Horizon V450, VioBlue
  • 502 LP, 510/50 nm AmCyan, BV510, PacificOrange, Horizon V500, Q-Dot525, VioGreen

Sample Input Sizes

  • Microtubes, 12x75 mm, and 15mL

The flow cytometer can be used to analyze all kinds of cell subsets in cell suspension, their DNA content, their cytokine and chemokine production.

High Throughput Sampler (HTS) option.

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