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Experimental Cardiology Research Group

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The most important research topic of our research group is heart failure, which is the only cardiovascular disease with an increasing incidence. Heart failure is a disease characterised by poor prognosis and its mortality has not significantly reduced despite the numerous therapeutic possibilities. We also investigate the therapeutic approaches of other pathologies leading to heart failure, for example/such as myocardial infarction, hypertension and atrial fibrillation.  

We are studying the role of the interplay between certain signaling factors and mitochondrial quality control in these pathological progressions. In addition, we are seeking to find possible therapeutic targets along this axis. 

Based on research in recent years, the PARP enzyme is one of the most promising targets in both the prevention of heart failure and the treatment of established disease. PARP-inhibitors besides their “orthodox” NAD+-preserving effect, can also influence several signal transduction pathways. They have a direct mitochondrial protective effect, preserve the activity of the components of the respiratory chain, have a positive effect on the activity of signaling factors, thereby reducing the process of cardiovascular connective tissue remodeling.  

An other promising path is the pharmacological modulation of the mitochondrial quality control. We are conducting experiments on the inhibition of fission, promoting fusion processes and enhanced the mitochondrial biogenesis, thus uncovering the role of the above mentioned processes on the development of heart failure.  

Prof. Dr. Kálmán Tóth

Dr. László Deres
research fellow
Dr. Orsolya Horváth
research fellow
Dr. Kitti Bruszt
PhD student

Katalin Ördög
PhD student
Szilárd Tóth
PhD student
Krisztina Fekete
PhD student
Tímea Völgyiné Dózsa
laboratory assistant

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Prof. Dr. Halmosi Róbert
Research Group Leader