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High-field Terahertz Research Group

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Generation and application of terahertz (THz) pulses with high pulse energy, and with extremely high electric field strength that is sufficient for nonlinear THz spectroscopy applications. Searching for new application possibilities in the fields of material-, medical-, and life sciences.

Manipulation, acceleration, focusing and temporal shaping of electrically charged particle bunches (electrons, protons, ions) with THz pulses having extremely large electric field strength. Elaboration of the theory of a possible table-top proton accelerator making possible the use of protons having low energy for hadron therapy applications. Generation of single cycle UV and X-ray radiation with Thomson scattering.

In the frame of ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) generation of attosecond light pulses with the method of THz assisted high harmonic generation.

Our results as far as here: Presentation of optimal parameters for design of tilted pulse-front based THz generator scheme. It was shown that in case of using longer wavelength than the typical 800 nm in a tilted pulse-front excitation scheme semiconductors (like ZnTe, GaP) are competitive with LiNbO3 from the point of view of efficiency. It was shown, that in case of LiNbO3 the peak THz electric field strength can be increased by more than one order of magnitude using ~500 fs pump pulse length, and cryogenic temperature. With this technique it is possible to generate single cycle THz pulses with pulse energy exceeding 10 mJ, and with peak electric field strength of 100 MV/cm with central frequency about 1 THz.

Dr. Gábor Almási
associate professor
+36 72 501500 /24490
Dr. Fülöp József

Dr. Gyula Polónyi
research fellow
Dr. György Tóth
assistant professor
Mahmoud Abufadda
PhD student
Office: 29050 Lab: 29221
Imene Benabdelghani
PhD student
Krizsán Gergő
PhD student
Iroda: 29050 Labor: 29221
Nelson Mbithi
PhD student
Luis Nasi

Buzády, Andrea, Réka Gálos, Géza Makkai, Xiaojun Wu, György Tóth, László Kovács, Gábor Almási, János Hebling, és László Pálfalvi. „Temperature-Dependent Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Study of Mg-Doped Stoichiometric Lithium Niobate”. Optical Materials Express 10, sz. 4 (2020. április 1.): 998. https://doi.org/10.1364/OME.384997.

Monoszlai, B., P. S. Nugraha, Gy. Tóth, Gy. Polónyi, L. Pálfalvi, L. Nasi, Z. Ollmann, és mtsai. „Measurement of Four-Photon Absorption in GaP and ZnTe Semiconductors”. Optics Express 28, sz. 8 (2020. április 13.): 12352. https://doi.org/10.1364/OE.382388.

Wang, Lu, György Tóth, János Hebling, és Franz Kärtner. „Tilted‐Pulse‐Front Schemes for Terahertz Generation”. Laser & Photonics Reviews 14, sz. 7 (2020. július): 2000021. https://doi.org/10.1002/lpor.202000021.

Tóth, György, László Pálfalvi, Zoltán Tibai, Levente Tokodi, József A. Fülöp, Zsuzsanna Márton, Gábor Almási, és János Hebling. „Single-Cycle Scalable Terahertz Pulse Source in Reflection Geometry”. Optics Express 27, sz. 21 (2019. október 14.): 30681. https://doi.org/10.1364/OE.27.030681.

Kalattummal Mandagathingal, Hijas, Shaoxian Li, Sivasubramani Vediyappan, Karuppasamy Pichan, Senthil Pandian Muthu, Ramasamy Perumalsamy, Priyo Syamsul Nugraha, Gyula Polónyi, József András Fülöp, és Nagalakshmi Ramamoorthy. „Characterization of Aminopyridinium Based Organic Crystals for THz Generation”. Optics & Laser Technology 131 (2020. november): 106394. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.optlastec.2020.106394.

  • THz beam source based on optical rectification – Hungarian announcement nr.: P1000514; International announcement nr. : PCT/HU2011/000081
  • Optical device for broadband nonlinear optical processes – Hungarian announcement nr.: P1000179; International announcement nr. : PCT/HU2011/000031
  • Set-up and method for manipulation of electrically charged particles – Hungarian announcement nr.: 107592-13373d
  • Method and device for generation of high voltage and large current fast electric pulses in plasma channel – Hungarian announcement nr.: P1000368; International announcement nr. : PCT/HU2011/000069
  • Undulator with short period – Hungarian announcement nr.: P1100452

Scientific research, semiconductor industry, medicine industry, security-technique

  • Time Domain terahertz Spectroscopy (TDTS)
  • THz pump – probe measurements


Nagy intenzitású, különleges hullámhosszú ultrarövid impulzusú lézerek - Külső felhasználók részére szolgáló felhasználási szabályzat nyilvános elérhetősége

Application Form

  • Clean room environment and controllable temperature conditions is available, where a THz source with milliwatt average power operates presently.
  • Time Domain THz spectrometer with 3 THz bandwidth. Near infrared pulsed lasers, with characterized beam parameters.
  • Optical equipments and diagnostic instrumentation from the visible to the far infrared frequency range.

High-field terahertz research group

Dr. János Hebling
Research Group Leader
 36 72 503600