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A Szentágothai János Kutatóközpont a PTE korszerű, nemzetközi tudományszervezési és menedzsment normák szerint kialakított új intézménye, amely az élettudományi, élettelen természettudományi, valamint környezettudományi oktatás...



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Cell and tissue culturing

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Core Facility: 

The Cell and Tissue Culture Core Facility provides the opportunity to design, prepare (thaw, passage and handle specific cell lines), perform experiments and evaluate results based on personalized cell and tissue cultures using its comprehensive instruments and equipments. In addition to the experimental set-up based on two-dimensional cell and tissue cultures, users have the option to set up an experimental model based on complex cell and tissue cultures. Users are also provided with the ability to dissociate primary cells from animal or human tissues or to separate a particular cell population from body fluids.

The available cell cultures are cultured in all cases at 37 °C incubators with 5% CO2 and high humidity. The experiments are performed in a laminar flow cabinet under sterile conditions. In addition to the instruments highlighted below, we have the essential instruments and tools needed for cell and tissue culture techniques, such as:

  • Microscope for monitoring cell cultures
  • Incubators
  • Cell culture hoods (even for cytostatic treatment)
  • Nitrogen tank suitable for long-term storage of our cell lines
  • Different types of cell culture media and supplements
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