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In vitro two-photon microscope (SRS microscopy)

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Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) can occur when two photons are absorbed simultaneously. In contrast, to the spontaneous Raman scattering the examined molecule is excited by the simultaneous absorption of the pumping and the Stokes photon. Due to the resonant nature of the process, SRS is more sensitive than spontaneous Raman scattering, however, the system also has the advantage of a two-photon effect. In particular, the sample is excited only in a small volume around the focal point and up to a few mm penetration depth can be achieved. The system is capable of Ca2+ imaging on cells and acute brain slices as well  as label free cellular identification.  

Microscope: Femto3D-AO microscope
Laser: Avesta Topol 1050-C (770-970 nm)