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A Szentágothai János Kutatóközpont a PTE korszerű, nemzetközi tudományszervezési és menedzsment normák szerint kialakított új intézménye, amely az élettudományi, élettelen természettudományi, valamint környezettudományi oktatás...



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Animal Facility

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The SzRC Animal Core Facility is run by the Translational Neuroscience Research Group

Our task is the organisation and operation of state-of-the-art maintenance of small laboratory animals at the Szentágothai Research Centre (SzRC). The SzRC Animal Facility operates on a minimal disease (MD) hygiene level with one rat and two mice holding rooms with altogether 11 individually ventilated cage racks. Currently we can house rats in 256 and mice in 512 cages, this includes a 112-cage ventilated and HEPA-filtered (High Efficiency-Particulate Air) rack. From January 2020 we offer two possibilities for housing mice: a normal light-dark cycle room (light on from 7:00-19:00), and a shifted light-dark cycle room (light on from: 01:00-13:00). 

All lab animals live standardized and continuously monitored conditions with room temperature (22-24 celsius) and humidity (40-60%) and air flow exchange (20x/h) all maintained at constant levels all year round.

There are two full-time trained animal technicians available at the Animal Facility each weekday from 8-16:00 to assist the researchers and to care for the daily needs of the animals.

The bedding for the animals is changed twice a week, based on individual needs this can be increased. 

Environmental enrichment for the animals is provided by each research group separately (i.e.: nesting material, plastic toys, chewing wood, etc).

For housing information please contact our team at the following email address szkkallathaz@gmail.com . Please make sure to always contact our team first to ensure that we can house your animals, then, upon authorization, please submit the housing request form (downloadable from our website) before purchasing the animals. Our team will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Only authorised personall can enter the animal house, for authorization please contact: hernadi@gamma.ttkpte.hu, kiefer.evelin@pte.hu with the following detail: name, name of the research group, name of the P.I and number of animal research licence.

We do FELASA "S" microbiological tests annually.


  • Normal and shifted day-night cycle rooms for mice
  • Individual maintenance protocols and monitoring
  • Individual health monitoring
  • Endoparasite and ectoparasite treatment and monitoring
  • Check in of the animals upon arrival 
  • Animal transport within the borders of Hungary with a specialized vehicle and trained personnel
  • On call duty

IVC rack for mice

Individually ventilated cage rack for housing laboratory rodents.

IVC rack for rats

Individually ventilated cage rack for housing laboratory rodents.

HEPA-filtered IVC rack for mice

HEPA-filtered individually ventilated cage rack for housing laboratory rodents.

Laboratory dishwasher (Miele PG 8583 CD)

Dishwasher for specific laboratory small equipment.

Bedding changing station

Changing station used for the maintainance of the animal cages.

Useful Information

Licence number: ZOHU0104L 03

Rat cages’ size: 360x200x175 mm 

Mice cages’ size: 343x292x155mm

Bedding type: Lignocel Hygenic Animal Bedding 

Feed type: SSniff SM Rat/Mouse Breeding & Maintenance,15 mm, autoclavabla

Kiefer Evelin
administrator expert
Schmelczer Kitti
animal care worker
Nem került feltöltésre publikáció...
Dr. István Hernádi
Core Facility Leader
 +36 72 503607


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