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Mass Spectrometry

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This newly developed facility includes a number of devices capable of quantitative and qualitative identification. The accuracy of identifications can be increased by using coupled techniques, even for complex samples. High-sensitivity tandem mass spectrometers connected to liquid chromatography or gas chromatography are suitable for structural identification of polar, moderately polar and apolar compounds, determination of sum formulas, quantitative studies, qualitative and quantitative determination of drug molecules and their metabolites, and contamination profile analysis. The devices can be used in proteomic research, mass determination, identification and structural characterization of intact protein, protein sequencing, study of post-translational modifications, and biomarker research. In addition, analysis of inorganic / organic molecules, synthetic polymers, dendrimers, peptide mixtures, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates is possible. Both the performation of non-targeted screening of samples or targeted measurements are possible.

The instrumentation includes an imaging device suitable for mass spectrometric measurements. This scans specially prepared sections and takes a mass spectrum from each point, creating an image of the section based on mass / charge. This can be used to study the local enrichment of specific molecules and can play an important role in biomarker research.

 High resolution and accuracy allow for a wide range of qualitative and quantitative applications in drug discovery, metabolomics, environmental and food safety, clinical research, diagnostics (e.g., determination of serum total and free cortisol), and forensic toxicology.

Dr. Ágnes Dörnyei
assistant professor
+36 72 503600 /24589
Dr. Attila Felinger
+36 72 503600 /24582
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Dr. Anikó Takátsy
Core Facility Leader

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