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Wnt Signalling and Biotechnology Research Group

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Our research group focuses on the involvement of Wnt signaling in the ageing process of the lungs and the thymus. Wnt signaling plays a pivotal role in physiological aging as well as in age-associated diseases including cancer formation and inflammation.

Dr. Krisztián Kvell
associate professor
Dr. Luca Járomi
assistant professor
Dr. Krisztina Bánfai
Laboratóriumi vezető
Judit Bóvári-Biri
research fellow
Kitti Garai
assistant lecturer
Zoltán Ádám
PhD student

Dr. Zsófia Török
PhD student
Amina Soltani
PhD student
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  • Pongracz JE: Lung tissue model, 2013, Hungary -HU1200206
  • Pongracz JE: Lung tissue model, 2013, Singapore - SG201108022-3
  • Pongracz JE: Lung tissue model, 2014, China
  • Pongracz JE: Lung tissue model, 2014, Taiwan
  • Pongracz JE, Bartis D: Lung tissue model, 2015, USA - US20120045770
  • Pongracz JE: Lung tissue model - AU2010244121

Our research group is specialized on providing services in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. The applied methodology includes: 3D bioprinting for educational and research purposes, recombinant viruses, transgenic cells and tissues, gene cloning and modification, inducible vectors, complex tissue models (lung, thymus, liver etc).


  • molecular biology laboratory
  • tissue culture laboratory suitable for murine or human tissue processing


  • Biobot 3D bioprinter
  • Nanostring high content screening platform
  • 3D high accuracy qPCR platform
  • LAS4000 laser protein analyser
  • Nanodrop / Qubit spectrophotometers

Wnt Signalling Research Group

Prof. Dr. Judit Pongrácz
Research Group Leader